All the traveling details published in this travelogue are purely based on the author’s personal experience, knowledge, thoughts, feelings and judgments without being influenced by anything or anybody else. However, the factual details of the places may be taken from brochures, pamphlets, books, journals, Google and Wikipedia. This travelogue does not incorporate places that the author has not been to.

For an easy reference, all the main places of interest are highlighted in bold blue fonts while the important sub-places of interest and recommended things to do / see are underlined. Photos are also provided to complement the descriptions of a particular journey. Please take note that the author or/and anyone that is close-related to the author do / does not appear in any of the photos published in this travelogue.

The world is indeed an amazing place. Go, explore!

All photos in this travelogue are copyrighted and may not be used without permission from the author © 2011 jimy’s travelogue.


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The World Is My Playground. The world is indeed an amazing place. Go, explore!
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